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Fiona Masterton
My practice combines digital photographic montage, paint and drawing. I am interested in the relatio..
Vincent McDonnell
What we offer at Pink House Pottery is a range of individually made pots, bowls, platters and eco-..
Jenny Meehan
Affordable paintings in oils, acrylics, and silicate mineral paints. Digital and relief printmakin..
Jeong Min Moon My work is based on Western Action painting and Ko..
Loraine Monk
Loraine Monk ..
Peg Morris
Peg’s work focuses on significant forms, patterns and colour combinations in natural ..
Rachel Pearcey
My work is about drawing-it is about making marks and the spaces that the marks create. The spaces d..
UU Pfister
I am a mixed media artist working in 2D and 3D. I seek to juxtapose materials and techniques to e..
Charlotte Piper
Ixchel Prada
'My work is based on the concept of installation art. I use differents materialities such as clay ce..
Alison Pugh
Gunter Pueschel
My artwork comprises oil and acrylic media on canvas and paper. The paintings provide a visual catal..
Sue Roe
I am an artist/printmaker. My work is experimental and varied. I produce Collagraphs, Linocuts and M..
Claire Rudkin ..
Ingrid Saag
Hand painted white earthenware ceramics – one offs and small edition pieces Website / Email ..
Caroline Sayer
I enjoy experimenting with different materials and techniques, love the unknown aspect of how a work..
Sue Slaughter The shapes, colour and texture of our natu..
Charlotte Stockley
Charlotte works mainly in stoneware and porcelain. Much of her work is thrown on the wheel and decor..
Terence Sweeney
"The muddy moods of oil paints are the painter’s muddy humours, and its brilliant transformations ar..
Debra Taylor
  “My practice investigates the intimacy of relationships from their birth through t..
Anna Tikhomirova
Traditional fine art - landscape, still life, portraits. Website ..
Richard Tomlin
Richard’s work is the result of long periods of observation, the images gradually edging towards rea..
Derek Turner
Derek Turner ..
Frankie Whitaker
I am fascinated by the continual movement of the sea. The way shapes stretch, push and pull. The way..
Jude Wild
Much of my work is inspired by my emotional response to nature and places that resonate with me. I c..
Kate Winskill
  Kate Winskill specialises in screen printing, mixed media drawing & painting and p..
Sue Wright
My work is generally about abstracting in some way what I can see in front of me or from my imaginat..
Martina van de Gey
Nataliya Zozulya
I have always liked to paint water, be it a river or the sea. The flickering of light on and over wa..