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Fiona Masterton
My practice combines digital photographic montage, paint and drawing. I am interested in the relatio..
Chris Birch
Based in Central Kingston: at Fusion Arts: Chris is an Illustrator and Photographer, with original ..
Hayley Bowen
Painting, Drawing and Illustration. "You will find my work bordering on the surreal in a realis..
Lizzie Brewer
There are many small and beautiful things in the world with great meaning. It is important to show t..
Caroline Calascione
I paint in oil and acrylic, often in combination with collaged pre-prepared or found papers. My work..
Pauline Callais
I am a French artist. Most of my work is watercolour and illustrative with a touch of fantasy, hau..
Sarah E Choi
Sarah E Choi Website: http://www.sarahechoi.com ..
Hanna ten Doornkaat
My work is an amalgamation of mark making, lines and experimental processes which are often obsessiv..
Annamarie Dzendrowskyj
I seek to explore that ambiguous ‘grey area’ between presence and absence in atmospheric landscapes,..
Jo Ellis
I am a Chinese artist who studied both traditional Chinese painting and contemporary western art and..
Stewart Ganley
Figurative Painter. The main focus on my recent work relates to urban landscapes and transport. eel ..
Diane Gerrard
Dianne Gerrard ..
Christiane Haag
My themes are portrait, landscape, floral patterns and deer. Nature is very inspiring for me. I am v..
Liz Harrington
I paint in my new home garden studio; I studied art for 5 years and graduated in..
Skye Holland
Martin Kerrison
Buffy Kimm
My work is multi media sculpture. At the moment I am experimenting with paper, card and metal. I ta..
Jenny Meehan
Affordable paintings in oils, acrylics, and silicate mineral paints. Digital and relief printmakin..
Rachel Pearcey
My work is about drawing-it is about making marks and the spaces that the marks create. The spaces d..
Charlotte Piper
Alison Pugh
Richard Tomlin
Richard’s work is the result of long periods of observation, the images gradually edging towards rea..
Frankie Whitaker
I am fascinated by the continual movement of the sea. The way shapes stretch, push and pull. The way..
Martina van de Gey